Smart Wi-Fi Repeater Fixes Slow Wi-Fi And Boosts Your Home Wi-Fi Speeds Instantly... (It’s Genius!)

"Don’t pay your internet provider any more money each month! Just plug in SUPERBOOST and watch your wifi signal blast off anywhere you want!" - SuperBoost inventor Jason L.

It is a huge aggravation when you try to watch Netflix, YouTube or Amazon streaming services, but all you get is an annoying loading bar that drives you crazy with waiting for your movie!

Or you try to send attachments or photos through email and the upload takes forever. Or even worse, your photo bounces back because it took so long to send it.

Even our editorial department suffers from these weak Wi-Fi problems. We’re in a big office with a few floors and brick walls, and we have large areas where the signal is weak. And we even had a professional WIFI installation!

Our tech expert read the specs on SUPERBOOST AND TOLD US IT SOUNDED GREAT!

We ordered one and tested it intensively. I will tell you right now: WE GOT FAST, STRONG, FIVE BAR INTERNET WIFI EVERYWHERE IN THE OFFICE, AS SOON AS WE PLUGGED IN SUPERBOOST!

The brilliant engineers found a solution for slow Wi‑Fi

wifi booster

For more than 17 years, the now inventor from San Diego worked for one of the biggest Internet providers in the USA. What he learned was that Internet service providers give customers the speed they have asked for but then supply cheap low-quality routers that have an extremely short range. They cannot afford to give you top quality and strength when they have to save money on tens of thousands of routers for their customers.

This reduces the strength of the internet connection even though the customers have paid for better performance. They try to trick you into paying for UPGRADES which do almost nothing for your coverage, but you end up spending more and more every month!

Furious, the engineer summoned his courage and quit his lucrative job to start his own business.

His objective: develop a device that extends the Wi-Fi range and amplifies a poor signal, so customers can enjoy the internet throughout their home.

"It's simply a disgrace that a well-developed country like the USA has worse Internet than some third world countries! While I can't improve network coverage by myself, I can help people with weak connections in their homes. As soon as you go onto the balcony, into the basement, or just into another room, the Internet connection either gets worse or breaks off completely. SUPERBOOST ensures that the internet connection you ordered from your provider actually arrives at your devices – no more bad Wi-Fi, picture disturbances during Skype calls or while streaming YouTube or Netflix!"

How exactly does this revolutionary invention work?

Most households are equipped with a router. It converts the Internet from the cable into short waves that everybody knows as wireless LAN.

The Wi-Fi Amplifier Jason L. invented amplifies the signal from the router so much that reception problems are gone forever. At the same time, the device blocks the forwarding of consumption data and thus makes speed reduction impossible!

Basically, all you have to do is plug the device into the wall socket. The connection to the router is very easy so that even older people can benefit from this awesome invention.

We decided to put the SuperBoost to the test to see if our Internet connection would improve as claimed.

Since our smoking colleagues constantly complained that there was no Wi-Fi in the smoking area, we wanted to test the device for one week and see how it would perform.

The results

In expert magazines, there is the talk of "... best reception after a few seconds". Indeed, our colleagues reported that they not only had Wi-Fi in the smoking room – it was also just as strong as in the office!

After just the first day, we all agreed that we wouldn't remove the device after 7 days as we had planned but we would leave it plugged in permanently.

It's really impressive what the device can do.

We think that this product is exactly what many people are looking for.

The installation couldn’t be easier - simply plug and play!

The SuperBoost in action:

Video Thumbnail

What features does SuperBoost have?

  • It works with a frequency of 2.4 G
  • With a data rate of up to 300 Mbps, it is ready for all applications LAN RJ45 connection
  • Easy installation
  • No CD for installation necessary
  • Can be used anywhere and everywhere

Our conclusion: Make sure you try the SuperBoost

if you are familiar with any of the following:

  • Slow Wi-Fi speed after leaving the room
  • Unsatisfying download and upload times

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How do I get The SuperBoost?

Very simple! Only now, you can buy the SuperBoost at an introductory price of 50% off:

  1. Order the SuperBoost at the official website
  2. Connect the SuperBoost to the power supply and start the easy configuration
  3. Enjoy fast Internet

It is that easy!


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